We need tools to build a house, plant a garden, or knit a sweater. Just like with everything else the project's success is only as good as its tools. That is why we are trying to make sure each one of our members in the Midwestern Region has the necessary tools for all their Soroptimist projects. Take these resources and use them to help better the lives of the women and girls in your community and across the world. If there is something else you need please let the webmaster or board member know. 

Submission Update:  Clubs CAN submit more than one entry in each pillar category.  This clarification came from headquarters:

A club can submit multiple entries in the same category.  Or a club may submit the same entry in all 4 pillars. They would have to change the entry to coordinate with each respective pillar.


When you fill out the form mail to:

Kris Armstrong

607 W Hamilton Rd • Bloomington, IL  61704

or email:  krisquin@msn.com



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