SI Dayton, Ohio

President: Teresa Huntley


We are looking for new members to join our Club.  If you have a passion for helping women and girls then joining Soroptimist may be for you.  Club meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of every month at a different restaurant in the Dayton region.  For more information on attending a meeting, please contact Susan Sparks at 


Soroptimist International of Dayton, OH (SI Dayton) was chartered December 12, 1936. Our club’s mission is to empower women and girls to be a greater force in improving their lives and the communities. Our club enjoys great diversity as our members represent a wide range of professions, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. We all work together to advance our common goals. We also partner with other non-profit organizations, such as organizations that share the goals of helping women to further their education, rise from poverty, abuse, or sex trafficking and to assist women in improving their lives and living their dreams. 


The SI Dayton club annually participates in the national and regional Live Your Dream Education and Training Awards, by using various fundraising activities to raise monies for the awards.  Additionally, other club initiatives include advocacy and building awareness about issues related to sex trafficking, poverty and abuse.  It is our hope that some special woman in need can be reached through our network of family and community.

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SI Dayton Judith When, Club Secretary and Susan Sparks, Club President .